Hello, my name is Klaudia, and...

… I simply believe in making memories!

We live in busy times, we wake up, go to work, do our chores and very often forget to stop for a second and try and catch those simple moments that we would like to remember and cherish for ever… And that’s when I come in…not all in white (I am not afraid to get dirty on our photo-shoots), not in a shining armour but with my camera! Let me catch that one smile when your loved one makes you laugh or spark in your partner’s eye when he/she is looking at you.
Let me help makes your memory last…


Chloe // surrey

In 2019, I started working with the amazing Klaudia on some beautiful pictures for portfolio & content and every year I always go back. I am amazed by her talent. Her eye to detail, the passion for the projects and creative process from pre production to post production. I love the collaborative nature of the shoots and how stuck in and passionate she gets about the shoots which adds such excitement to the process. Always so kind, caring and super professional. Always gives amazing on set feedback which adds such confidences and spark to the shoots. I love that during the shoots that she shows you the photos which is amazing as it creates such a positive atmosphere to the day! The end product is just as great as the first product and would highly recommend Klaudia for all your photographic needs. Such a bright star with a heart of gold and talent worthy of awards for decades. 10/10

Alexys // USA

Stop right here, if you are looking for someone special to capture one of a kind memories through a lens, Then this photographer is exactly what you want! 

My now husband and I were making a trip to London and while we were there we thought it would be an awesome idea to take engagement photos. I searched and searched for a photographer that would have my vision & be willing to scope out locations of my vision since we live in the States. Let me tell you, not only did she go and look at each location before our arrival but she found other locations that turned out to be some of the most unique places throughout London. This beautiful soul greeted us with a hug and gave us the most magical experience of a lifetime! We will definitely be visiting London again and be taking more pictures with Klaudia.